On the boards – some “to be built” modern homes

Here are some interesting modern projects that are either in progress or waiting for a buyer to begin:

1308 Old 19th St 78705 - $815K (an alterstudio project visit HERE for more details)

Listing Info HERE



1815 W 38th St 78731 - $975K

Listing Info HERE



5909 Ventus St 78721 - $292K (This is in the SOL Development)

Listing Info HERE



13610 Hunters Pass 78734/home - $560K

Listing Info HERE

2 Responses to “On the boards – some “to be built” modern homes”

  1. john says:

    I’m glad to see all the frequent updates now that the site has new contributors/editors.

  2. rmc says:

    Thanks John – just doing a little catch up now and looking forward to adding to some other sections of the site – I’m working on adding more listings to the Landscaping page of the Resources section.

    a HUGE thanks to Ben for all he’s done over the past 6 years and for all he’s done to get me up to speed on posting!

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