4 thoughts on “Mueller Tower”

  1. Thanks for posting. I would have missed this otherwise. We thought about buying one of those condos referenced in the article. Woulda, coulda, shoulda???

  2. I spent some time on the phone 5 years ago or so with a gentleman named Chuck Croft who said he was the principal designer on this building; I don’t recall if he said he worked for F&G but he must have.

    Open house Sunday Aug. 1 from 2-4 at 1905 Paramount!

  3. Great news, an outstandung Fehr & Granger structure! Too bad it’s surrounded by such blah architecture, wouldn’t it have been awesome if the redevelopment could have been designed by a really cool architectural firm, like a subdivision designed by AlterStudios or Burton Baldridge? Instead we get generic David Weakly homes and a few lame no-name “McModern’s,” blech! That said, I’m really glad the tower is being restored though and not knocked down.

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