Midcentury in the Redwoods – Daniel Liebermann

It has been slim pickings in the MLS lately.  Nothing really has caught the eye, unless you count this Stenger listing which induces a desire towards violence  (stucco?!?).

Instead, check out this NY Times feature on a lovely home in the Redwoods of California.  Built by Daniel Liebermann, a former apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright.  Slideshow here.

One thought on “Midcentury in the Redwoods – Daniel Liebermann”

  1. Hey there. Love your site. We own that violence-inducing Stenger now and just today, Sept. 29th, we took the stucco down. Thought you’d like to know.

    We’re in the process of restoring the house and would to have you over to see the inside. It’s far from original but it might be worth a look.

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