6 years & time to stop counting.

This week marks 6 years of this site.  It has been fun, I have met some very interesting people along the way, made new friends and looked at a lot of houses. However, at this time, Modern Austin doesn’t hold much interest for me.  That much is probably obvious due to my sporadic postings.  It falls well down the list of my priorities that includes trail running, making music, food, cocktails, wine, reading, travelling, sleeping,  my lovely wife, and 2 handfuls of crazy that are my weimaraners (not in order as the last two top the list).

If anyone wants to pick up the mantle of posting, please let me know.  I am open to any new areas of direction as well.  Just drop me a note.

8 thoughts on “6 years & time to stop counting.”

  1. I love this site and thank Ben for all his dedication to it over the years – BRAVO and THANK YOU Ben!!!!!! Wish I had the time and know-how to pick up the slack – as an attempt to help, I’d be happy to forward modern listings I come across in my miscellaneous looking to someone who has the time/expertise to post em up.

  2. Sigh. I know I’ll miss the site, the comments and even the controversy. Starting a blog always seems like a great idea. Building an audience and sustaining it is just a hell of a lot of work. Best to you, Ben. See you in the ‘hood.

  3. I’m so so sad but understand I guess. Thanks so much for being my homepage for these couple of years since I found you- you will be really really missed and I’m sorry you are only now getting the appreciation.

  4. wow, sorry to see you go. i’ve enjoyed your site for about five years since i happened upon it. many thanks for all the good reading and ogling over the past half-decade or so!


  5. Update:

    It looks like the site will march on. I’ve had a number of people offer to step up with helping post. I look forward to seeing where some new blood and energy take this thing.

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