1st (timeframe not defined) Modern Austin Meet-up

photo by davisayer

When I first moved to Austin, the forum at LiveModern was my entry point into what was going on locally.  The forum nowadays is a ghost town for the most part.  One of the lasting impacts (for me at least) were the semi-regular meet-ups that occurred.  It was through there I meet people like Chuck Voelter (artist, Stenger fan extraordinaire), Mark Meyer, Karen Pittman, among others.  That lead, in part, to me starting modernaustin.com which through I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many more great people.

So now that the season of death rays is drawing to close, I think it is time we revive this tradition.

1st (timeframe not defined) Modern Austin Meet-up

  • Date:  Friday, Oct 1st, 2010
  • Time:  6pm to 8pm
  • Location:  San Jose Hotel (click for map)*

For the first one, I think a casual evening of drinks and chit chat is a good place to start.  If this is something people like, and only a modest amount of blood and tears are shed, I have some ideas for topical / event style meet-ups (tour a house with the architect / builder, etc).

*If the weather looks like it won’t cooperate, I will announce an indoor location a few days before hand.

9 thoughts on “1st (timeframe not defined) Modern Austin Meet-up”

  1. Great idea Ben, but it’s a real bummer for me in that I’ll be in Vermont!?! I would otherwise be all over the chance of meeting interested folks…

  2. Hmm, wonder if I can get the love of my life to watch the kiddo? LiveModern was definitely one of the spots I watched for modern and Dwell-ish news in Austin, but postings were so sporadic that I just lost interest after a while.

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