3 thoughts on “1815 Dexter – AD Stenger”

  1. Hi Levi,
    Thanks for the very cool vote! I think I’m getting to ride on the ‘coolness’ coattails of Mr Stenger.

    We are hoping to be done in the next 2/3 weeks – at least thru final inspects and to the point where we can move in. Maybe a party by the end of August?? But stop by whenever and say hi, I love to meet people who find houses as interesting as I do.

    And Ben, you’re right – nothing is ever going to be exactly “finished” with this home… Our wish-list is ever growing!

  2. Hello. I am new here. This home is quite pretty to make a new one. Do you have recommended supliers of products for homebuilding? I can be in your neighborhood soon to talk if you like.


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