1815 Dexter – AD Stenger

Great photo blog of one man’s journey remodeling an AD Stenger home.  Looks like it is coming along nice and can’t wait to see it mostly finished (no home is ever ‘finished’ it seems).  Above is the ‘before’ picture, I believe.

1815 Dexter Blog

3 Responses to “1815 Dexter – AD Stenger”

  1. Levi Pietro says:

    Excellent work. Very cool, amigo. When’s the house warming party?

  2. John Turpin says:

    Hi Levi,
    Thanks for the very cool vote! I think I’m getting to ride on the ‘coolness’ coattails of Mr Stenger.

    We are hoping to be done in the next 2/3 weeks – at least thru final inspects and to the point where we can move in. Maybe a party by the end of August?? But stop by whenever and say hi, I love to meet people who find houses as interesting as I do.

    And Ben, you’re right – nothing is ever going to be exactly “finished” with this home… Our wish-list is ever growing!

  3. Katarina Zaitsev says:

    Hello. I am new here. This home is quite pretty to make a new one. Do you have recommended supliers of products for homebuilding? I can be in your neighborhood soon to talk if you like.


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