Three: East, Further East, Keep Heading East

Recently, it’s been slim pickings on the modern home front, hence the lapse since last post.  This morning’s scouring of listings did uncover a couple of interesting homes.

2nd Street has some good infill construction.  Not much info on this one, but something is brewing at 2025 2nd Street.

2025 2nd St – Property info

Sighting a new Agave listing this morning was a breath of fresh air.  We’re used to seeing cool things at Agave, but 5316 Sendero is one of the better offerings, IMO.

5316 Sendero Hills Pkwy – Property info

Keep heading east on FM969, just beyond SH130, hang a left on Gilbert and you’ll end up on this gorgeous home that sits on five acres.

6101 Gilbert Rd – Property info

5 thoughts on “Three: East, Further East, Keep Heading East”

  1. The Sendero Hills listing is very nice. The property has been greatly improved over the condition as sold by Agave. Clearly, the owners have very sophisticated tastes, and the property shows very well. At $289.9, it strikes me as a bargain for the “architectural” properties on Sendero Hills. I hate to see that tax bill, though. $7,200 is more than I pay in Central Austin.

  2. i followed the owners house blog back in the day. a lot of love went into that place. shame none of the folks out there have made any money on those places.

  3. Yep – Pending, yeah! Adam and Wendy have done great things to their home, it is really well done – I love the birch plywood wall treatment! I also think they got in early enough to make a little cash on the sale. They’re off to San Diego for professional opportunities.

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