Site tinkering

It seems the new site has had some issues with user registrations and commenting.  As such, I went back to the old method which means a couple things:

The first time you post, your comment will get held for moderation.  It isn’t that I want to moderate, but it is the only way to combat the spam bots.

You still are required to enter a user name and email address.  For the same spam control reasons.  However, you are not required to create an account just to comment (you can but don’t have too).

Also, MLS Listings is on the blink right now (Tuesday, Feb 3rd).  I suspect they’ll be back up shortly.  If they continue to be an issue, I guess it will be off to yet another listing provider.  Note to MLS Finder: Cold Fusion?!?! Really?!?

2 thoughts on “Site tinkering”

  1. Hello. I was not able to submit a posting for marketplace. (A link to my DWR furniture ad on Craig’s List). The problem seems associated with the spam-proofing function– when I enter the code displayed in the tiny box it does not accept it.

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