Rundell – Stenger renovation by MJ Neal

Most certainly not a restoration but a full renovation & update of this Barton Hill Stenger home.  I would love to see some before / after pictures.  I seem to remember the original place being in not great shape and quiet a bit darker on the interior.

For sale – $745k.  Listing website with many more pictures.

7 thoughts on “Rundell – Stenger renovation by MJ Neal”

  1. Yeah, we looked at this place back in 2006, and it was darker/needed quite a bit of work, but also lost some of the cool bits… sunken den, rad curved wood kitchen island, exterior rock wall came into the foyer next to the front door, ending in a little planter thing. I’d like to see those before shots myself. Probably ended up better overall, but also a few hundred thousand more now.

  2. I think I have some before shots; this house is a stones throw from ours and I went inside numerous times before mj got ahold of it. I love how the addition integrates on the outside but I’m not as sure about the inside…

  3. Well, I have to say, a MUUUUUUUCH better job than those poor unfortunate flip Stengers on Brady…but I have to agree with Chuck, the inside leaves me kinda cold.

  4. I gotta say this: I love AD Stenger, I love MJ Neal and I love this neighborhood. But, 375.00 per sq. ft.?? I know the renovation was pricey and took a long time but man.

    And, as for the taxes, one should expect to pay @12,000.00 per year, definitely not 6-7k; this has to be the pre-remodel rate.

  5. Chuck, it would be more like 17K in taxes a year if appraised by Travis County at 745K (you’re correct, they’re using the old pre-remodel appraised value)…YIKES!

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