7 thoughts on “Ridgewood – $422”

  1. considering they are listing it as a tear-down, I’m not sure they really want to showcase the condition of the house.

    we went and looked at the house. The tenant keeps the house fairly messy, but its only a distraction from the rough state of the structure. It would be a serious project to salvage this house.

  2. I really don’t think “Great A. D. Stenger designed home,” and “This home is ready for new owners and a total makeover” really sounds like they’re marketing it as a teardown, more a renovation project.

    Wow, just noticed it’s pending already. That was freakin’ quick! Who ARE these people who keep gobbling up these beat-up overpriced Stengers???

    1. the listing (at least when we looked at the house) specifically said “value in the lot” and “tear-down or MAJOR rehab”

      they might have changed the listing at some point, but they certainly started down the path of marketing it as a teardown.

  3. Along with cleaning the fireplace, could they have at least swept under the couch??? I refuse to do a walk through of that property based on filth alone (lol). It’s just a matter of principal to consider paying that much when they can’t even dust.

    1. Jenna, I know, right? I saw one MLS photo not long ago where dirty dishes were stacked in the sink, and I mean a lot of dirty dishes, oh and beer cans strewn about, hahah! I’m pretty sure it was a student rental, but still, send in a cleaning person for a few hours before the pics are gonna be taken at least, especially if you’re gonna be asking these prices. When I was showing my house, I went to great lengths regarding presentation, place was spotless, I even art-directed the photographer (who wasn’t too pleased about that).

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