9 thoughts on “Perry Lane – $784k”

  1. Well-done modern update – attractive and mostly true to the period without some of the cheeky touches many try to do. Neutral w/o being bland. A good backdrop for someone to come-in and give it the final modern touches it needs. Though it’s a busy street, it’s a GREAT neighborhood.
    Carport conversion “family room” needs some additional work to not look so…converted, imho.

  2. Looks like this went pending. I ditto Kelly’s comments. Nice job, nice house, busy street. Interested to see where it closes.

    The kitchen countertops look nice, but I’ve heard regrets from folks who did the same. Allegedly they stain and scratch.

    1. Hi ???, I noticed you said “interested to see where it closes.” Is there a site to find out exactly how much a house actually ends up selling for?

      1. I usually ask around as I live in the hood. Can’t swing a dead cat around here without hitting an agent, so somebody knows. 😉 Seriously, the only way you know for sure is if you are an agent and have access to their ACRIS (?) data base.

    1. Oh believe me, Blongfellow, I’ve been bitchin’ about the whole CA-prices-in-Texas thing for months now, particularly on ANYTHING even remotely “mod.” I’m guessing it’s maybe Californian’s moving to Austin, wanting a Lik-Eichler, and of course, Austin having a shortage of this type of housing, driving up the prices on Austin MCM in general? Well, I really can’t blame the California transplants, they’re just an easy target, but in general I think it’s the breed of transplants flocking to Austin, hip, moneyed, listening to Yo La Tengo and MGMT on their iPods, bearing subscriptions to Dwell, Atomic Ranch, and Modernism. I’m almost to the point of throwing in the towel on ever finding a decent (and somewhat affordable) MCM in Austin. Rant over.

    1. I myself dig Yo La Tengo (AND have a sub to all the above mags), it was just a sweeping generalization on Austin hipsterdom and who it attracts, etc., along with my untested theory as to why all the MCM’s in Austin sell so quickly and for mucho dinero. I could be way off, I don’t think I am though; makes sense, basically a bunch of folks with the same taste fighting for the few mods in town, and the highest bidders seem to come from out-of-state more often than not (I just like to pick on the Californian’s).

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