Patio work?

Anyone have recommendations for a company / contractor / person for installing a patio and related items like steel edging?  Patio will be large pavers, not wood decking, or poured concrete.  Thanks.

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  1. Adam Diaz says:

    My friend Matt who follows this blog sent this to me. I can get you a bid on the work you need. Adam-751-5910

  2. cpo says:

    We need one of these too…

  3. sloan says:

    I’ve got a great guy- Rafael–honest,reasonable,
    reliable, and does good work.
    Call me and I’ll put you in touch

    sloan 431.2617

  4. Jen says:

    I recently used DigItGardens to do metal terraces in my front and backyard. Great to work with. Not sure how they’re price compares to others, but I’d definitely use them again.


  5. David Mathias says:

    I sent her (DigItGardens) a note based on a recommendation on one of the Agave blogs. Waiting to see what her pricing looks like and what she’ll recommend for our hapless modern condo.

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