Paramount – $425k – AD Stenger

This is Chuck Voelter’s AD Stenger home in Barton Hills.  I meet Chuck at a meet-up shortly after moving here 5 years ago.  At that time I had discovered his neighborhood and the Stengers there and knew nothing about who built them; Chuck set about changing that.  I still remember the pictures of the green concrete floors he uncovered as part of his restoration project.

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2 thoughts on “Paramount – $425k – AD Stenger”

  1. Ben, you’ve been a great asset to the modern community since you arrived in Austin, going above and beyond to maintain this site with little or no thanks; I applaud your effort always and I say that regardless of the fact that you posted our listing. It’s been fun discovering more about modern architecture in Austin from every era through this site. kudos.

    We’re going to have a get-together soon and will invite the modernaustin frequent fliers and any home seekers to come and hang out at night (houses are different then y’know).

  2. a very cool Stenger!

    Green concrete floors, you say? we discovered remnants of emerald green linoleum tile (that had been overpainted white), downstairs in our 1955 Stenger on Robert E Lee recently… we couldn’t really imagine what that was like to live with, nor did I have the courage to consider restoring it.

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