9 thoughts on “NICE MCM redo on Wade Ave $1.5 mil”

    1. My partner and I bought the house and there is absolutely nothing McMCM about the home. It was built in 1964 and the size of the home is perfect. A McMansion would be a new construction home. 4k sqft is really not that big. 2k sqft is ridiculous.

  1. I’ve shown this home to buyers and it was amazing. We loved the attention to detail, the quaint kitchen and the wood work. Yes, Lucy, it was a little larger than what most MCMs tend to be, but it was gorgeous. The tile work and natural light in the master shower and the wall space for art was just extraordinary. You should make a plan to take a peek with Mark Moore.

  2. Saw this one a couple days ago. The attention to detail i.e. complete lack of trim, the counters, tubs heck even the grout was just great. The wife and I loved the terrazzo floors. Y’all owe it to yourselves to see it if only for the glass roof that’s at least 15 feet high over the master bath.

  3. My brother and my in-laws both have houses with over-sized master showers. The showers are impressive to look at, but they are drafty, uncomfortable places to stand wet and naked. Judging from the photos, this shower looks like it was designed for a giraffe.

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