Modern Austin Redesign


As you can see, Modern Austin under went a fairly extensive overall.  It will remain a work in progress for a while as I sort out the kinks and get your feedback.

Among the changes:

  • New design.  More of a magazine style rather than straight up blog.  We’ll see how this works.
  • Resource directory.  (example)
  • Marketplace section.  Sections for for sale houses, for lease, and furniture.  For lease & furniture are hidden right now until I get some listings to put up.  If you have something to submit, click here.
  • ShareThis integration for easier posting to your favorite RSS, bookmarking, or social networking sites.

A couple of other notes:

  • I only brought over some of the content.  The old site is here if you were looking for something.
  • I am going to attempt to keep up on marketplace items and take them down as they go off the market.  In doing so I’ll look to implement a reporting tool in case I miss some so you can help me keep the site up-t0-date.
  • You now must register to make comments.  This is to cut back on spam and make it easier for returning visitors to comment.  Go here to register.
  • I going to keep it ad free for now, though that may change.
  • You may have to update your RSS feed (sorry).

Please let me know your thoughts and / or if anything doesn’t work as expected.


4 thoughts on “Modern Austin Redesign”

  1. Hi Ben, nice re-design! And thanks for including some of the Agave house blogs. The name for mine should be 2011EL@5338SHP and not Miller Projects, so when you get a chance…….
    I’ve gotten lots of inspiration and insight from your site, and look forward to the new format!

    1. Nice redesign. Have you considered adding a ‘Q&A’ type section where those of us that visit the site can ask each other questions regarding MCM/Modern Architecture, furniture, and design in general? I selfishly am looking for information on a chair I have that has no markings, no original fabric, but great design and am eager to find out information. Here are a few pics if your curiosity gets the better of you:

      1. I have thought about user submitted content. I had a method worked out so registered users could post to a dedicated section.

        So far the main issue is two fold:

        If you don’t get enough contributions going, it dies on the vine. The Austin Livemodern forum is a good example of dead zone of conversation. I’ve seen this over and over again. That said, a forum or other place for people to submit topics is a good idea and something I’ll likely do in time.

        The other main issue is simply time. To foster and moderate the forum (mostly thanks to spam bots) takes more time than I have right now. I am bad enough about regularly posting as it is :)

  2. Wow, Loren, we just got rid of a sixties sofa that had been upholstered in that same striped fabric. Or, better put, reupholstered in that same fabric. As far as I know, it was reupholstered some time after 1964. Very interesting find.

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