Maintenance & Upkeep of a Modern Home

A long-time reader send me the a note saying, “So we bought a modern home.  Now we have to care for it….”   As many of us now know, taking care of a modern home presents a unique set of challenges.  Most of the home repair industry is geared towards maintenance and easy customization of suburban cut-cutter homes.

So this thread is for you to make comments on local Austin tradesman and companies that you would have work on your modern home.  As the reader said, “Where do we find folks to polish and reseal the concrete floors?  Someone to climb up onto the metal roof?  Someone to examine the leaky storefront windows and doors?  To patch the settling cracks in the Hardie boards?  To level the pocket doors?  To climb up three stories to change the recessed light bulbs?”

I start it off in the comments with a few people of mine own.  Once we have a nice collection, I’ll sort through and add new pages to the Resource section.

13 Responses to “Maintenance & Upkeep of a Modern Home”

  1. bp says:

    Small construction projects:
    Michael (Ike) Krumenacker: (432) 386-5414

    He has done a number of projects for me & people I know and has always done a great job. Bonus that he shows up when he says, quotes & timelines are as accurate as can be (something that is surprisingly uncommon).

  2. bp says:

    Concrete floor maintenance:

    I’ve not used them myself but I know a few others who did. I’d be interested in what others have to say since I may have to deal with this problem sometime in the next few years myself.

    • Mark Meyer says:

      Dan, the owner of the company is my goto guy for concrete slabs, as well as diamond polishing and staining and sealing. He’s always done a qualit job at a fair price. He’s poured and/or finished almost every slab I’ve ever had built.

      • David Mathias says:

        That’s a good enough recommendation for me, Mark. I’ll tell them you referred me.

        • David Mathias says:

          They came out yesterday and were very generous with their time and honest with their assessment. Good news is that we don’t have any major issues with our floors. The bad news is that a wax/reseal would run us ~$1,500. Guess that will go lower on the immediate priority list. :-) Thanks for the referral. I’d likely call them when we’re ready to do something.

  3. bp says:

    Eduardo – Quality Painting

    Excellent work. Paints by hand (spray painting often doesn’t last as long). Has done work for me and 3 friends and everyone loves working with him.

  4. Jenna says:

    Jeff Miller/Tech Electric

    Competent electrician with a creative eye … and affordable, too. Love him!

  5. Jenna says:

    Max (a.k.a. Mad Max)

    Max is quick to reply and quick to help. Very smart and has helped us out of a number of pinches. Very affordable, too. Great work.

  6. Jenna says:


    Stephen Kinslow/Bartlett Tree Experts

    Stephen and his team are great at identifying disease/issues with trees, offer guidance in trimming and removal. Incredibly knowledgeable.

  7. Jenna says:

    Michael Heffernan

    Michael has extensive experience with home remodels. We worked with him to draw up plans for a kitchen/laundry remodel … he was great with taking our wants/needs and distilling them into plans as well as offering his own expertise in space planning, design and love of MCM to really bring ideas to life. He took his time with us, never rushed us into making decisions and was a joy to work with.

  8. I’d like a recommendation on drywall repair/replacement. Out 60 year old house is in need of some TLC.

  9. Sylvia says:

    Any in lakeway or cat mountain under $650000

  10. Claire Mathias says:

    We’re also in need of a roofer who has dealt with metal roofs – the type on the tall MetroHouses, or some of the taller Agave homes. Said contractor will need to be able to get up to a roof that is about three stories up!

    While I’m on the topic, any Mantissa faux-MetroHouse home owners having issues with roof and window leaks? I doubt Mantissa actually used the same contractors on all of ours, but just curious.

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