Lund – $549k – Stenger

Updated Stenger home in Barton Hills.  Update will have to be mostly redone if you want it inline with the MCM period style or even current modern trends.

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One thought on “Lund – $549k – Stenger”

  1. Toured this last week. Man oh man did they do some hideous remodelling on this joint, talk about a mish-mosh of styles, gross eighties bathroom upstairs spooky 70’s down, late 90’s McTuscan’ish meets Country Cottage kitchen, original wood panelling on some walls, new sheet rock on others, about twelve different types of floor covering, unfortunate (and very unprofessional, like weekend hobbyist quality) add-on’s, it just goes on and on, I mean, just a mess! One funny thing, the original Stenger plans were proudly laid out on the kitchen counter with a little booklet about Stenger’s homes. So, if you have about 300K (or more) for a full-on renovation (that’ll never look original to what it once was), this is your house.

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