Leonard Lundgren – 1111 31st

Leonard Lundgren build a set of homes on W 31st street overlooking Shoal Creek.   A couple years ago the above home was sold after the original owner died.  There was concern that the home would be lost.  I often think of the home and been meaning to stop by and see what happened.  Turns out it was bought updated and now is available for lease.  It was available for sale at some point last fall but I missed it then.

Here are pictures of the home 2 years ago.  I don’t have one that truly captures how lovely the site the home sits on.

Here are pictures of it today.  (pictures by realtor)

I have to say I am pretty please that they left the home largely intact and the update is in pretty good order.

Lease info here.


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  1. I’m thinking of selling my 60’s ranch so I can rent this! Leonard is a close family member and besides being a great architect, he’s probably the sweetest person you will ever meet. Besides some hotels in California and I think Mexico, he was a major force in the developement of my Northwest Hills neighborhood. Although his old Northwest Hills residence is amazing, complete with an oak tree growing in the center of the living room, if I had to pick a favorite building of his, it would have to be the sadly demolished Adam’s Extract Building.

  2. It’s nice, but speaking as a purist, I have to say that some of the period touches are kinda gross and haven’t aged especially well. And 1300 square feet for 2500 dollars a month is just shockingly expensive. This is not the Bay Area. You are paying someone’s mortgage who is likely in a jam, which means you could get left in the lurch.

  3. Maaaan, whatever happened ton that Lundgren and Mauer house in taylor,I drove out there to check it out. Probably the coolest house I have ever seen in person. Somebody should try and get an update

  4. Good call! He designed that along with the round Holiday Inn on Town Lake, which apparently was one of the tallest free standing structure around at that time. I suppose I need to sit him down and see if he has any other gems we should know about.
    Thanks for all the interest!

    1. I own the Lundgren & Maurer that Kevin mentioned above, known as The Zidell House. After hours and weeks of research hunting down details and history of the home, I found myself on the phone with Leonard Lundgren’s step son. He informed me that he was still kicking so we began to visit. He was truly honored that his house was so praised as it was one of his earlier and lesser works. We also met and continue to spend time with Rozan Zidell, the original owner whom Mr. Lundgren built the home for. Infact, her grandson Matt Kruger will be assisting me in the remodel now that we have our National Register of Historic Places status secured. We intend to launch the BLOG once we’re ramped up but in the meantime, here is a website with some more info.




  5. Thanks Ana for the information. I was a college student and worked part time at the Cross Country Inn in the late 60’s. Mr. Lundgren was there on a number of occasions and may have been a partner in the motel. His family used the pool occasionally and I remember (maybe) that he had a son named Lance? Wick Fowler also made a number of appearances at the CCI in the company of the Lundgrens. Too bad about the Adams Extract building!

  6. Hello, My name is Mike Watkins. I own The G.B. Guild House (5817 Westslope Drive, Austin 78731) designed by Lundgren and Maurer in 1963. When I purchased the house in 2004 I was unaware that it was designed by Lundgren and Maurer. When I found the original blue prints in a closet I was pleasantly suprised that is was an L&M design as I was huge fan of the Adam’s Extract building. I framed the original renderings and they are now displayed in my dining room. The house is two story with an excellent display of field stone on the exterior as well as the interior. It has 2,500 square feet and I’m happy to say it’s in excellent condition. Had I kwown Mr. Lundgren was still alive I would have contacted him. Does anyone know if the house is a candidate for the National Register of Historic Places? If anyone wants additional information or photos please contact me and I will be happy to assist. Thanks, Mike

  7. Mike – Reach out to Brent (see his post up thread). You can probably reach him at “The Zidell House” Facebook page.

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