Gilbert – $649k

I meant to post this a while back.  Thanks to Eric for the reminder.

Listing info.

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  1. Pips says:

    that place stinks. literally. something has died in there.

    • eric says:

      Oh man, I’m checking that place out with my realtor tommorrow -I’ll be sure to bring along a can of Lysol.

  2. Eric says:

    That stink you’re smelling is the carcass of my hope to find an MCM house in Austin for under $300K.

  3. Other Eric says:

    Haha, it REALLY did smell! As we walked in, a very strong Vick’s vapor rub odor assaulted all noses, what my realtor referred to as “a smell covering up a smell.” House was “meh,” no biggie, needed lots of work too…and yes, Eric with a capital E, finding an MCM under 300K is smelly business indeed, depressing actually.

    • Rob says:

      You’re not going to find an MCM in south Austin or west of downtown for less than $300K b/c land prices are too high. Haven’t seen it in person but there’s a listing in 78741 on Sylvan for $285K that appears to have some MCM cred (although more technically a ranch-style on a hill with a garage underneath. I just bought a one-owner brick ranch with original aluminum awning windows that give it a MCM feel in the ’41 zip for $150K. And got a 15K sf lot with mature cedar elm and spanish oaks to boot. 3 miles from downtown.

      I visited the Roessner open house on Westledge and was underwhelmed esp. for $825K. Original design and finishes were intact but much was in need of replacement. The place I bought was in at least as good condition.

      Come on over…east is good. You’ll have lots of pennies left for that Saarinen womb chair.

  4. Eric says:

    Was reduced to 599K today. BTW, I forgot, when I was there they had architectural plans in the kitchen that conveyed with the house, basically destroying any trace of MCM, hideous awful stuff. The weird thing is, the plans were from the late 90′s???

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