One thought on “Frank Lloyd Wright – $2.7M”

  1. This home is just another example of the genius pf Frank lloyd Wright. Visionary or not, he was ahead of his time. Designed in 1955, built in 1961 this home without a doubt reflects a new direction Mr. Wright was going to lead the Architectural Community into. We must remember, building technology never caught up with his visions, to me that is why,so many of his buildings were damp, leaked and uncomfortable.
    He was a pioneer and trendsetter for his time.

    Residential Architecture maybe would be quite different in our contempory times. Of course, economics always plays a role in building, therefore, how many people can afford a home like this.

    In any event,this home could of been a rebirth of the Usonian, just with the noticable embellishments of different elements and materials.. The basics design elements are the same, but the touch of mordernism is quite evident. We can see, how Mr.Wright’s concepts are with us today. The simplicity of the fireplace is stunning.

    This is a beautiful home and judging from the photos appears to be comfortable. Affordable for the average working stiff – that is the question. Less square footage and acreage would bring the down the cost, but, then again, isn’t that always the case.

    If, Mr Wright, was encouraging us to be open minded towards the rebirth of the Usonian. I feel,he was forging in the right direction. What, better road to follow then,the road paved with honesty. A master’s philosophy reflected with truth in materials,design and nature. I can only imagine, where Architecture would be today, if
    Mr. Wright was still around. Even with his odd ways, it would be an
    education to be saturated with his viewpoint of Contempory Architecture.

    Just another look into the Genius of Frank lloyd Wright.

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