Farhills Dr – $1.5M

I couldn’t find any info on Fred Day, the architect referenced here, except that at one time he may have worked with “Justin and Associates” and favored a local architect for city hall in 1983.  It seems you don’t really exist (at least according to the internets) if you worked prior to 2000 or so.

EDIT on 9/9/2010:  Thanks to a reader, I have a more info:  The architectural firm Fred Day, who is still alive and in Austin, worked with was Jessen Associates.  Jessen did a quite a bit of work at UT include the Student Union.   The builder for this home was Jack Rather.

EDIT on 1/26/2011: Updated listing with more pictures.  I still quite like this home so it gets a bump back up here to the front page (something I don’t usually do).

Listing info.

9 thoughts on “Farhills Dr – $1.5M”

  1. I’ve seen several houses with identical roof and square-ish look, I think in Northwest Hills? Kinda in the Cat Mountain area. I get confused over there, I’m pretty much Central-centric only. Cool house, but lord, 1.5 million???

    1. Actually, my home at 6014 Mt Bonnell Cv in Austin has a lot of the same features. Only about 6 blocks from the one listed above. It has flat roof, lite green paint and the railings look identical. Does anyone have any contact info for Fred Day? Does he still work for Jessen Associates?

  2. Cool house — almost exact same house was on Cat Mountain Cove which had best view in the City of Austin – recently sold for $1.4. This house is definitely way overpriced.

  3. What an interesting residential example of this type of monumental architecture! It reads well, though IS a bit imposing… Of course, the price is prohibitive (DOES hopefully protect it from a scrape) but could be a late-modern GEM with only minor finish and color updates.

  4. There was an estate sale at this house before it went on the market, and I have to say I really wish I was in the mood for a new project: this house is fabulous. Any mid-century fan with a little bit of love for clean-lined 70’s lurking in their soul would be into this house. I lingered for a verrrrrrry long time. The ceilings are super high, the layout is nice and liveable as-is, the views are killer, and the owners took very good care of the property.

  5. Fred Day was one of the Partners at Jessen Associates. I worked with him until 1999 when I moved out of state. He was already partially retired at the time but was in his 70’s and was learning autocad at the time. Jessen closed their doors in 2001. I know that Fred was still with us as of 2008


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