Event Reminders

Don’t forget that this Friday is Modern Austin’s 1st (timeframe not defined) Meet-up.   6pm @ San Jose Hotel.  Right now, it looks like the weather will be very lovely for outdoor drinks and conversation.

This weekend is the AIA Austin Homes Tour.  Homes by Alter Studios, Dick Clark, Cottam Hargrave, CG&S, among others.

4 Responses to “Event Reminders”

  1. amber says:

    I came to meet and greet around 6:40 but couldn’t find you- I asked the bar manager but she didn’t know anything about it and after 3 “wrong table” guesses I withered away to have a moroccan veggie burger. I hope you’ll try again and have a name tag or post your pic or a text number- I was excited to meet you and the others who lurk round this site.

    • bp says:

      Sorry to hear that. I was a bit surprised at how busy it was there that night, the last few times I’ve been there it has been only a few people. Next time, I’ll do better on making a scene :)

  2. David Mathias says:

    We were afraid of that. It was a good time for the smallish turnout we had. We were there until after 8:30.

  3. Chuck says:

    so sorry to miss it, please keep ‘em coming, it will build.

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