3941 Balcones

2282057643_bd6feca71b_bThis is a lovely mid-century modern home on Balcones. Thanks to Robert Nash (of modernaustin.net), I was able to take an extensive photo set and talk with the original owner. The architect was Pat Riley (sp?). Someone who I have never run across of before. This is a classic southern California modern influenced design. Much of the home is in original condition though there have been some updates over the years. The owners also have some lovely Danish modern furniture.

Sadly, the original owners are moving. This house will be hitting the market next week. Given the extremely nice location (near the top of the hill, water views) and the area, I am guessing close to $1MM will be the listing price. Next door is an absolutely huge Spanish affair that demonstrates the pressure and direction of that area. Hopefully, someone who loves this house for what it is will step up and save it from being torn down.

Click here for a 61 photo slideshow (going to take you to flickr).

UPDATE: Hit the market today. $760k. Actually that seems like a pretty decent price given that area and the other homes. House is a bit bigger than I thought as well. Anyone want to give me, oh about $360k so I can get it to reasonable mortgage payments? MLS Listing here. Not pictures yet but I gander the set I took will actually provide more detail. Please buy this and preserve this great home.



We visited Marfa over Memorial Day weekend staying at the Thunderbird Motel.  The Thunderbird was recently renovated with the help of Bob Harris of Lake | Flato (who do exceptional work in my book, though this place was fairly straightforward in design).

You probably know the history of Marfa, so I’ll save you all that.  If not, here is a wikipedia entry to get you going.   If you want to get out of town for the weekend, I fully recommend making the trip (and taking the rural routes where possible).

Click here for a small photo tour of our stay in Marfa.  This set is edited down to focus on the modern inspired buildings around town.



2171007330_2145922106_bjpgI went out to Agave last weekend.  It had been over two years since my last visit.  They had just started one or two homes at that time.  Now it is in full swing.  It seems that the Agave developers have gotten the project back on track after a very rough start (poor sub-contractors, delayed home delivery, etc).  I talked with a few people living out there and they were extremely happy and all said that the developers have been a lot better the last 6 months or so.

Also talked with David, one of the realtors / sales agents.  He walked me through the future development plans.  There will be a second phase down the hill of homes by two of the Agave designers but at lower price coming on the market later this year.  Also a set of “green” homes built under the Austin Energy program.  Those homes will more “contemporary” in style (not exactly sure what that means, just what he said).

Click here for large set of pictures — 170 photos.

Also here is my Flickr Photo stream:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/modernaustin/

I’ve uploaded nearly 900 pictures from around Austin organized by area.  Still more coming….

Post on January 9th, 2008

East Austin Studios


Picture Set.

This place belongs to an artist and architect husband and wife team. However, I totally forget the name. I met them a month back and then went back today to take pictures. I absolutely love this place, in particular what they do with polygal. The sand in the channels is an inspired idea that provides a lovely visual texture to the building. This place is particularly dangerous for me as it really inspires me to want to build.

Picture Set.

Update: I did some more looking around and this place was designed (and owned) by Elizabeth Alford and her husband Michael Young.

She teaches graduate and undergraduate architecture design studios, a seminar on prefabrication of houses, and is a faculty advisor for the UTSOA Solar Decathlon team. Her research focuses on the integration of sustainable technology into design.