Real estate law attorney?

Any recommendations for a real estate law attorney?  Focus here is for sale by owner (no, I am not selling my place, but I could use a referral for someone else).  I am sure others could use the info as well.

Please post in the comments.  Thanks.

On The Challenges Of Preservation

Good read about the challenges of preservation. The focus of the article is Paul Rudolph. Back in 2009 you might have seen this local home inspired by Rudolph’s Umbrella house.

Article: Paul Rudolph And The Challenge Of Preserving Modern Architecture

Modern Wedding Venues

Anyone have recommendations on modern or architecturally interesting wedding venues in the greater Austin area?  Say around 150-200 people?

This is for a reader and it isn’t the first time the question has come up.  The only thing I could think off the top of my head was Kimber or San Jose Hotels but both would be for a pretty small party.  I remember someone telling me about a venue in the hill country but I couldn’t remember the name.

Please post in the comments any ideas.   Thanks.


Best lazy realtor photo to date (yes, that really is photo of google maps on a computer screen).

Furniture Repair?

Any recommendations on local furniture repair?  Particularly with modern and mid-century modern furniture.  Leave a note in the comments or contact me directly.

Patio work?

Anyone have recommendations for a company / contractor / person for installing a patio and related items like steel edging?  Patio will be large pavers, not wood decking, or poured concrete.  Thanks.

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