Inspiration: Architecting Around Nature

Designing indoor living spaces around nature.  More pics here.

The Edgeland House by Bercy Chen

Located in East Austin on Red Bluff Rd, the Edgeland House is built into the earth.

“…on a rehabilitated brownfield, this project is a modern re-interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in North America, the Native American Pit House. Typically sunken, The Pit House takes advantage of the earth’s mass to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year.”

Project info


More Retro Design Inspiration

Cool images from the “Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement”

Flickr set  (via Retronaut, via BoingBoing)

Motorola’s Retro-Futuristic Modern Home

This is fun slideshow: a retro-futuristic vision of a modern home by Motorola (artist Charles Schridde).

There’s good inspiration here.  I always like seeing sunken living rooms with the seating built-in around the perimeter.



Aviation Inspired

Aviation inspired modern by Alterstudio

Bercy Chen “The Container House”

Bercy Chen Studio pre-fab:  “The Container House”

The Heywood Hotel – new, modern, boutique, hotel

There’s a new, modern, boutique hotel in Austin – the Heywood Hotel.  It’s along the lines of Kimbermodern, but less expensive.  Check out their website HERE and facebook page HERE.  FYI the design is that of KRDB.

Let’s hear it for local family owned businesses with modern flair!

A few pics below to spark your interest:


Antiquaria, a beautiful new webstore launched today featuring vintage china, kitchenware and glassware.   Antiquaria is Austin based (one-half of the duo is my lovely tenant, Emma James).

Supporting blog:


Something a bit different today.  I love how these artist use light and video protections onto buildings to create completely new architectural spaces and textures.

Click through to get HD versions.

AntiVJ – SONGDO from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.

AntiVJ – ENGHIEN from AntiVJ / Joanie on Vimeo.

(yes, I am already breaking my Flash rule but these are just too cool not to pass along)

It’s Lonely in the Modern World

I haven’t seen anything new in the MLS this past week, so instead you get this:

Kaleidoscope of Chairs: The Films of Charles and Ray Eames at Domy Books

via Emily Weerts / Austinist


Domy Books and AIGA Ausitin will be screening approximately two hours worth of the Eameses’ impressive body of work. The screening is a fitting companion for the new Midcentury-Modern exhibit, Birth of the Cool, that is currently on view at The Blanton. Thursday’s film screening beings at 7:30pm and proceeds from the $5 suggested donation go to the Austin chapter of the AIGA.

More info here.


Interior Gardens


Things are slow on the local front, so I take you to the NY Times photo gallery and this article on interior gardens in apartments. I love the inside garden. I used to have a loft in Seattle that had huge plants and even a 8′ by 4′ pond. I loved it, though we had to move out when the landlord refused to fix the heat during the winter. That sucked.

After that place we embarked on our move every 9-12 month phase that last until very recently. Moving isn’t good for the plants or gardening so we pretty much are are square one now as we start in our new place.

Anyhow, link to the article: Garden Apartment

Link to the photo set: Garden Apartment Photos


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