1003 8th Street – $1.1mm

The W Hotel meets east side SF-3 zoning.  Despite a few arguably tacky design choices, I like the materials used in this home and the juxtaposition to nearby landmarked craftsman homes.  There’s a history of price reductions, from $1.5mm in February of 2011, to $1.3mm, to off market, to the current price of $1.1mm.  The location is one house removed from the French Legation, and since this home was built in 2006, 7th Street has come a long way.

Property info.

The Heywood Hotel – new, modern, boutique, hotel

There’s a new, modern, boutique hotel in Austin – the Heywood Hotel.  It’s along the lines of Kimbermodern, but less expensive.  Check out their website HERE and facebook page HERE.  FYI the design is that of KRDB.

Let’s hear it for local family owned businesses with modern flair!

A few pics below to spark your interest:

Just for fun – some blogs focused on building modern in austin

Here are some build blogs I check out pretty regularly.  I particularly like Austin Cubed as it’s a real life couple going through a real life process of building a modern home in central Austin.  Feel free suggest other blogs you know of in the comments section of this entry.

Austin Cubed






Maintenance & Upkeep of a Modern Home

A long-time reader send me the a note saying, “So we bought a modern home.  Now we have to care for it….”   As many of us now know, taking care of a modern home presents a unique set of challenges.  Most of the home repair industry is geared towards maintenance and easy customization of suburban cut-cutter homes.

So this thread is for you to make comments on local Austin tradesman and companies that you would have work on your modern home.  As the reader said, “Where do we find folks to polish and reseal the concrete floors?  Someone to climb up onto the metal roof?  Someone to examine the leaky storefront windows and doors?  To patch the settling cracks in the Hardie boards?  To level the pocket doors?  To climb up three stories to change the recessed light bulbs?”

I start it off in the comments with a few people of mine own.  Once we have a nice collection, I’ll sort through and add new pages to the Resource section.