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412 Ridgewood – AD Stenger – $539k

Looks like this Rollingwood Stenger, last sold in 2009, already has a contract on it after one day on the market.

Property info

AD Stenger – 404 Brady Lane – $425k


This Rollingwood AD Stenger looks in pretty good condition.

This page has much better photos of the house (from a previous listing).  I remember seeing this home listed for over $500k a few years ago, then in 2008 for $488k.  At this price, their intention seems to be locating a buyer mostly interested in the land.  Preserving and remodeling is definitely an option.

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903 Lund – AD Stenger

Perched above Zilker Park, 903 Lund St sits amongst other AD Stenger homes.  This home was for sale back in 2006, but I don’t know that it sold.  I believe the Colliers are the current and original owners.  Incredible location.

Property info.

2305 Rundell – $460k – AD Stenger

Original one-owner AD Stenger.

More info.

Jay Hargrave redo of AD Stenger – $775K

Listing info HERE

Paramount – $409k – AD Stenger

Listing info.

Bluebonnet – $484k – Stenger

Listing info.

Stenger Renovation – Stuart Sampley


In Progress:

Nice photo set of before and after pictures of this Stenger renovation on Ridgewood.

Design by Stuart Sampley.

A bit of a side note:  I’ve seen a number of houses referenced as AD Stenger’s personal home.  I know of at least 6 off the top of my head.  That represents at minimum 5% of the homes he build.   Based on stories I’ve heard, I get the sense he was in and out of a number of places due events in his personal life with some longer than others.  The place I count most significant of his ‘personal homes’ is his first place on Arthur but that is easily up for debate.  I tend to rank all the homes that area above the later period Stenger with the exception of the pilot house on Ridgewood.

Ridgewood – $849k – Stenger

AD Stenger renovated (not restored) by Jay Hargrave.

Listing info.

Fergusons’ Stenger Restoration

Crestivew Doors did a write-up on this Stenger update which features their doors.   This is how you do a restoration / renovation.

Ridgewood – $449k – Stenger

I missed this previously.  Probably due to the MLS picture not being very helpful.  I came across when looking for the MLS listing of a Stenger a few doors down that is about to hit the market (hint, hint to those on the lookup).

Listing info.

Rundell – Stenger renovation by MJ Neal

Most certainly not a restoration but a full renovation & update of this Barton Hill Stenger home.  I would love to see some before / after pictures.  I seem to remember the original place being in not great shape and quiet a bit darker on the interior.

For sale – $745k.  Listing website with many more pictures.

1815 Dexter – AD Stenger

Great photo blog of one man’s journey remodeling an AD Stenger home.  Looks like it is coming along nice and can’t wait to see it mostly finished (no home is ever ‘finished’ it seems).  Above is the ‘before’ picture, I believe.

1815 Dexter Blog

Lund St – $457k – AD Stenger

Pre-MLS listing.  It will be listed in the MLS later this week.

Per the owner:

The house is 1521 square feet with 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, and is located in an unbeatable location one block from Barton Springs and Zilker park (1006 Lund Street). The house has been well maintained. It has large windows that give a hill-side view into the canopy of a large live oak tree in back, and has a second live oak in front.

Inquires can be made with:

Linda Doughty – 472-6562 or Tony Choban – 476-5394

edit:  Listing is now live in the MLS.  Here for more info & pictures.

Paramount – $425k – AD Stenger

This is Chuck Voelter’s AD Stenger home in Barton Hills.  I meet Chuck at a meet-up shortly after moving here 5 years ago.  At that time I had discovered his neighborhood and the Stengers there and knew nothing about who built them; Chuck set about changing that.  I still remember the pictures of the green concrete floors he uncovered as part of his restoration project.

Listing info.

Brady Lane – Stenger

This was up and into ‘pending’ in a flash.


PS.  Eff the Realtor for suggesting a tear down.  Hopefully the buyer is better than that.

Lund – $549k – Stenger

Updated Stenger home in Barton Hills.  Update will have to be mostly redone if you want it inline with the MCM period style or even current modern trends.

Listing info.

Ridgewood – $422

AD Stenger for sale in Rollingwood.

2 Rollingwood Stengers

Pretty sure both these Stengers are re-listings from last year.   My archives are a mess after the move to the new site so I am having a hard time digging up the old posts for reference.

1. Rollingwood Stenger

2. 413 Brady

Dexter – Stenger – $356k

Listing info.

Spofford – AD Stenger – $450k


Per Listing Agent:

This one owner vintage custom built A.D. Stenger museum piece is on a quiet one block long street a short walk to Zilker Park. Everything in working order but old roof, electrical, water heater, but lightly lived in with minimul wear and tear. Recent HVAC and sewer line just replaced. Original A.D. Stenger signed plans available.

Listing info.

Brady Lane – AD Stenger – $399k


Now this I know is a Stenger.  There are 3-4 of this particular plan left today.

Listing info.

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