AD Stenger – 404 Brady Lane – $425k


This Rollingwood AD Stenger looks in pretty good condition.

This page has much better photos of the house (from a previous listing).  I remember seeing this home listed for over $500k a few years ago, then in 2008 for $488k.  At this price, their intention seems to be locating a buyer mostly interested in the land.  Preserving and remodeling is definitely an option.

Property info.



Stenger Renovation – Stuart Sampley


In Progress:

Nice photo set of before and after pictures of this Stenger renovation on Ridgewood.

Design by Stuart Sampley.

A bit of a side note:  I’ve seen a number of houses referenced as AD Stenger’s personal home.  I know of at least 6 off the top of my head.  That represents at minimum 5% of the homes he build.   Based on stories I’ve heard, I get the sense he was in and out of a number of places due events in his personal life with some longer than others.  The place I count most significant of his ‘personal homes’ is his first place on Arthur but that is easily up for debate.  I tend to rank all the homes that area above the later period Stenger with the exception of the pilot house on Ridgewood.