Open question on architecture books

I didn’t see much over the past few days in the MLS.  The only I came close to posting was this one.

An architect friend & I were chatting about architecture books last weekend (over a very fine meal at Odd Duck Farm to Trailer).  One question that came  up I thought would be an interesting to get your feedback on:

  • What do you want in an architecture book?
  • Do you just look at the (hopefully) pretty pictures?
  • Do you want architectural or floorplan drawings?
  • Do you care about critical commentary or would prefer more fact based text (or virtually no-text at all)?

If you need a more concrete example:  If there was a book about mid-century modern and / or current modern architecture in Austin, what would you want out of it?

ps.  The above photo doesn’t have anything to do with anything here.  It is a picture of a 360 degree camera obscura on the island of Aegina in Greece.  I took the picture on the second to last day of our a sailing trip through the Greek isles this past summer.  Absolutely brilliant way to see Greece.  If you ever consider it, we sailed with Anko Yatching and Thanos & Alicja were amazing hosts.