Brady Lane – AD Stenger – $399k


Now this I know is a Stenger.  There are 3-4 of this particular plan left today.

Listing info.

3 Responses to “Brady Lane – AD Stenger – $399k”

  1. Julie Thomas says:

    Wow, I’m surprised that they mentioned it was a Stenger, they’re obviously expecting a tear-down. No interior shots and the phrase “decent-sized lot”. Not sure who the “house is built in the shape of a tee pee” line is supposed to appeal to either.

    • Eric says:

      Hahah, that’s just what I was thinking, like someone is gonna say, “wow, a house built like a tee-pee – SOLD!” My sister says it reminds her of a trailer park!

  2. B. Longfellow says:

    overpriced as usual…

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