Studio Momentum


Studio Momentum is an innovative architecture firm focused on incorporating sustainable design, cutting edge technologies and collaborative processes to achieve our goal: Great Architecture!

Through the use of the latest technology for architectural modeling, we can bring the client into the “virtual space” of their project. Building Information Modeling or “BIM” is the future of architectural design. The creation of a digital model can reveal and resolve problems prior to construction. Highly accurate photo real renderings allow the client to visualize the final product in exacting detail. This allows them to give appropriate feedback and become a larger part of the design process.

Architecture is not born in a vacuum. Studio Momentum believes in a collaborative process requiring communication between the client, builder, designer and community to produce meaningful work. We approach each project with open minds, technical skill and experience, and believe that together a true work of art can be realized.

Great Architecture is the goal. Collaboration, sustainability and modern technology are the way.


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