SOLD – 7408 Ava Ln – Price Dropped to $299K – Rick Black Design

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  1. David Mathias says:

    I didn’t recognize this one at first. It appears to be a modified version of what was marketed as something like “The Garden House.” It appears that the builder converted the garden roof into extra enclosed space. Maybe I’m remembering incorrectly, but I don’t think the original plans called for an enclosed garage either. The profile and presentation of the house to the street seem different from how I remember these plans.

    When I drove past this one the other day, I was surprised by how closely this house sits on the lot relative to its neighbors on either side.

  2. rmc says:

    You’re right on the money David. The owners modified the house plans to have a studio above an enclosed garage – they also enlarged the footprint a bit for more total sq footage – none of which are a part of the original design. I do know that the original architect did the redesign work. It’s a nice design but because if the larger foot print, the house are really close together. The owners started a fb page about the build – you can find it here:


  3. Mike says:

    It’s interesting to get a look into the construction of this house via their FB page. I noticed that it appeared that construction was underway as recently as 2010. I can’t help but wonder what is motivating them to sell soon after complete their home.

  4. rmc says:

    Yeah, me too – I’ve not had any contact with them, but this quick a sale usually points to a personal family issue . . . either growing :-) or splitting :-( I sincerely hope for the former.

  5. David Mathias says:

    Thanks for the clarification. We had liked the original plans for that house, but we remembered it as a bit small for our comfort at ~1300-1400 square ft. I thought the listing info showing 2100+ looked odd. RMC’s comments put it all in perspective now.

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