7301 Annette Cv – $248,500


Corner lot at Agave.

Property info.

5 Responses to “7301 Annette Cv – $248,500”

  1. David Mathias says:

    Please don’t think I’m in any way being snarky. Isn’t that sales price a little low relative to what other Agave properties have listed at? I’m accustomed to seeing them listed closer to $300K.

  2. rmc says:

    yeah, it’s a little low. Many houses for sale now in agave around <$150/sf and this one is $142.50/sf.

  3. Eric says:

    I met up with a fella who lives in Agave the other day, he loves living there, but I noticed a lot of For Sale signs (and see them pop up often here), I wonder, why do these homes flip so often?

  4. David Mathias says:

    Eric – there’s been endless discussion over the years. At the top of the page is a search feature.

    I think bottom line is that the young people and creatives attracted to Agave often move. The rest of the story is pretty typical, according to Rob.


  5. David Mathias says:

    Pending, taking backups.

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