6021 Toscana – Agave – $199,500

This price seems really low.  It boggles the mind that you can find a 3bd/3ba with modern design for less than $200,000.  Recall this had been listed back in 2011 for $235,000

Property info (thanks to MA reader David Mathias for the heads up)

8 thoughts on “6021 Toscana – Agave – $199,500”

    1. Wow, you mean there are places where you can still buy a home for less than $100K? You’ve got to be pulling my leg. Obviously, I’ve lived in Austin too long. 😉

      Very nicely done, Joel. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Joel, good find, but you might not be so interested once you saw the rest of the homes that neighborhood. Diamond in the rough, for sure.

  2. I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any homes in the Agave subdivision that are for sale or soon to be on the market.
    Do they build smaller more affordable ones in this subdivision?
    I am a single man and do not need a lot of extra room to heat and cool. Just something cool and modern in the 1000 sq. ft. range.

  3. Hey everyone, my wife and I actually snagged this place a year ago now. To answer an earlier inquiry, there are some other houses around the hood that are for sale, and a developer is interested in buying the open lots in the area to build on. They’re looking for input on how strong the market is for modern builds! I’ll repost with details real soon hopefully when they decide to move forward.

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