6 thoughts on “SOLD – 5320 Agatha Circle – $278K – Studio Momentum (Travis Young) Design”

  1. amazing house – amazing price. wish i was in the market for a new place, cuz this is tight. won’t last long at this price.

  2. I love this house. Beautiful and modern but very soft and comfortable. I always wonder about those train tracks though. Do freights pass by there? Is it obnoxious or ok?

  3. All depends on your perspective – there are trains, but many folks our here like em. Worst part is the horns at the crossing at MLK, however paperwork to make the MLK crossing a “quite zone” has been filed by a member of our HOA board.

  4. I haven’t seen this one since it was under construction. Nice staging. Very nice.

    I always liked this kitchen/dining layout, but the living area is small. The catwalk space is dramatic, but I always felt the space was wasted. With the master in the wing opposite from the other bedrooms, this floor plan had more privacy for parents than some of the others.

    This lot is right against the rail right of way. Some folks find it charming and aren’t bothered by the vibrations. If I recall correctly, inside the house, the rail noise is not excessive.

  5. I like trains. My grandmother lived by a train track.. heavily used, 30 – 80 per day. They kind of put me to sleep and now when I here one at night I am expecting Santa to jump through the window.

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