6 thoughts on “MCM Remodel – 4205 Prickly Pear Dr (78731) $500K”

  1. i viewed that house last time around, 2009. went for 325k at the time. fantastic layout, great house. had amazing potential for a great mcm remodel. and while they’ve not really trashed it, it is disappointing to see that tile flooring. probably no more than 50k has been put into it, so 500k already pending tells us a lot. or nothing. or a little. maybe. rave on.

  2. So 500K and pending in a day tells me that I should buy a ratty MCM on the cheap, hire some day laborers to sheet rock it and lay down some tile, then get a housekeeper to scrub it down (I mean, really, this is just a very light cosmetic job)…and make a helluva of a profit. Is flipping back again?

    1. I’m noticing this too, my sister is looking at houses now and they seem to be selling like hotcakes. Um, are we still in a recession?

  3. We are the current owners/sellers of this house. Let me know if you have any questions about the remodel we did :)

    And yes, pending in less than 24 hours.

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