3941 Balcones

2282057643_bd6feca71b_bThis is a lovely mid-century modern home on Balcones. Thanks to Robert Nash (of modernaustin.net), I was able to take an extensive photo set and talk with the original owner. The architect was Pat Riley (sp?). Someone who I have never run across of before. This is a classic southern California modern influenced design. Much of the home is in original condition though there have been some updates over the years. The owners also have some lovely Danish modern furniture.

Sadly, the original owners are moving. This house will be hitting the market next week. Given the extremely nice location (near the top of the hill, water views) and the area, I am guessing close to $1MM will be the listing price. Next door is an absolutely huge Spanish affair that demonstrates the pressure and direction of that area. Hopefully, someone who loves this house for what it is will step up and save it from being torn down.

Click here for a 61 photo slideshow (going to take you to flickr).

UPDATE: Hit the market today. $760k. Actually that seems like a pretty decent price given that area and the other homes. House is a bit bigger than I thought as well. Anyone want to give me, oh about $360k so I can get it to reasonable mortgage payments? MLS Listing here. Not pictures yet but I gander the set I took will actually provide more detail. Please buy this and preserve this great home.

2 thoughts on “3941 Balcones”

  1. Looks like it is on the market for $1.3. I think a flipper bought it and “spruced it up.” Think the floor tile and backsplash is a travesty. How difficult would that be to fix? Trying to figure out what else they mucked up from the original photo set. Sigh.

  2. My parents own a home in northwest hills that was designed for them by Pat Riley, built in 1964, in the same style as the Balcones house. Pat was an architect (paired with former wife Patti Riley Brown interior designer) who was a former student of my father’s (UT engineering prof). There are several homes around the area designed by Pat. I remember as a child going to tour two or three of them when my parents were in the design phase of their home – several on Balcones Dr. My parents lived in their home until recently when they moved into a retirement community. We will be moving into their home and contemplating purchase and remodel over the next year.

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