2Modern’s (Modern) Austin City Guide

Adrienne put together a nice little guide to modernish places to visit in the city.  It is also a handy guide where to avoid during the annual locust season that is SXSW.  :)

2Modern’s Austin City Guide

2 Responses to “2Modern’s (Modern) Austin City Guide”

  1. David Mathias says:

    Well, it’s a start for out-of-towners here for SXSW; but it’s sad to see that only downtown and South Austin exist in this particular geography lesson. The East Side and North Central will take their snubs gracefully, I suppose. :-)

  2. chuck says:

    don’t pick on Adrienne Breaux, she’s my hereaux ;) the article IS for ‘modern’ stuff, maybe there’s less of it east and nc

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