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  1. Your archives might be a mess (and, yes, these were both for sale a while back), but not as much as these re-muddles, whew! Well, actually, the exterior of that Brady Lane Stenger might not be so bad if that bizzaro carport was given the ol’ heave-ho (as for the interior, well…). Sucks when peeps get ahold of these Stengers and do these weird remodel/flips. I think they’d sell better if left alone, like that super cool Stenger in the Zilker area (I forget the street, but it was near that way cool Stenger on Robert E. Lee that Marye Co. sold not long ago) that sold in like a week (asking was like 450K I think – I shoulda jumped on that one).

    1. Eric,

      I think the house on Robert E. Lee you’re referring to is Drew Mayre’s own house which I think he recently took off the market (again). The Stenger that sold for 450k was on Spofford and was described to me by the realtor as being like a ‘classic car, garaged for 50 years’, it sold for over 300 per sq. ft. It does have awesome proximity to Zilker park and restaurant row but you’d better like the bands that play at ACL and the parking clusterf**k that goes along with it.

      If you’re still in the market in a month or so we’re putting our Stenger back on the market (with more updates and improvements) and we’ll be more in the 230-235 psf range. I’ve spent years carefully building new square footage (that accurately mimics the original style) and UNdoing crimes against the house due to previous owners. Only the kitchen remains to be updated (cabinetry and counters, appliances are good). We’ll likely have a spring party of some kind to kick-start our re-listing and I’ll let Ben and the MA community know.


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