5 thoughts on “1103 Kennan Rd – West Lake Hills – MCM”

  1. This surely looks like Roland Roessner’s work-The fireplace, carport, low pitched roofline with exposed beams, and cantilevered concrete porches, along with the exposed rock interiors are traits seen in his work. I’d hope that someone with some sense restores it instead of scraping it. A lot of his homes have been destroyed which make the ones restored more valuable.

  2. I am the Realtor, and mid-century modern lover, who took a proactive approach to finding someone interested in preserving this property. Had I not, this house would have been scraped and replaced by two new builds. The architect has not yet been confirmed, although it is believed to be a Fehr & Granger, we will also investigate the possibility of Roland Roessner (per Sloan’s comment). I understand Fehr & Granger works are documented at the public library, so we’ll start there. Can anyone offer any other suggestions on this topic? I already researched permits with the City of Austin, and although I did find some as early as 1953, this house was not in their database.

    The new owners will take on a thoughtful renovation of the property in as true to style as one might expect, without drastic diversions to current modern architectural styles. They will increase square footage by adding a master bedroom and bath, add a garage and a pool. The house when done will be under 3,500 sf, so not affected by the building moratorium, nor by water pressure issues having been measured as one of the highest performing streets in the area.

    I have seen these buyers transform other properties into understated, but stunning, examples of true early mid-century modern marvels. I will be chronicling the progress of these changes over the next several months and once transformed this property will be offered for sale. Price TBD. This will definitely be a fun one to watch.

    1. That’s great to hear! This is truly an heirloom property that deserves preservation. A thoughtful expansion and upgrade of systems and finishes to make the numbers work is legitimized in my book, if the architecture is respected . UT has records of both Roessner and Fehr & Grangers works- though i don’t know how complete they are. Roessner’s son Roland Jr. is a local architect (Sixth River Architects) who might be able to confirm or deny the work.
      FYI- I am a local plasterer interested in preservation and mid-century modern architecture, as evidenced here.

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